About me


My name is Ivan Delchev and I am a software engineer and entrepreneur living in Zürich, Switzerland, founder of 42matters and creator of Hacker News Books, Hacker Pixels and HNBuzz.

Some of the things I’ve done in no particular order:

  • Built 42matters with exceptional co-founders & currently serving as VP of Engineering
  • Built from scratch and then sold HackerNewsBooks
  • Scaled up multiple API-first SaaS products
  • Payment provider integrations to handle $$$k+/month revenues
  • Backend - Python, Java, Go + Postgres/Mongo
  • Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform for DevOps
  • Full-text search with Elastic
  • AWS Cloud

Do not hesitate to drop me a line, I try to answer any message. If you are in Zurich, let’s grab a drink.