Stuff I've Built

2017, Sep 18    

Here are some of the things I’ve built as side projects in the last couple of years:

Hacker News Books (HNB) is an book discovery service, running autonomously since August 2016, analyzing comments on Hacker News (HN) to extract links to books on Amazon, Safari Books, and O’Reilly, aggregating them, and then ranking them based on votes, karma, and other criteria. It landed on place first on Hacker News during launch, got featured on Indie Hackers, made more than $1000 dollars in 5 days after launch and has collected more than 1500 happy tech-savvy readers on its newsletter in only a couple of months.

HackerPixels is a video newsfeed, extracting Youtube or Vimeo links from comments on HN and generating a newsfeed, with video preview and search. It was praised on Product Hunt and unearths plenty of tech, geeky or just funny videos that you probably have not heard of.

HNBuzz is an experiment of making Hacker News more readable, featuring full-text search in realtime. It indexes more than 15 million entries at this point.